Ultimate skin care in Corwen

Welcome to My Skin Care Blog!

I’m Kayleigh, mum, entrepreneur and skin care junkie.

I have lived in Corwen for 7years, it’s home to my children, myself and where I have decided to run my beauty and aesthetics business from.

I have a passion for learning and keeping up to date with the latest techniques, trends and finding products that actually work.

Skin care specialist in Corwen.

After qualifying in aesthetic procedures in 2021 and opening up my salon in Corwen, it soon became apparent that my ultimate passion was skin care.

Dermaplaning facials, luxury facials, microneedling with meso therapy & chemical peels.

Foods to help with a clearer complexion.

Researching acne and how to improve scaring and active acne.

The ageing process and the effects it has on the skin, muscles and bones.

Through to finding a skin care range that works for professional use in my salon with an at home range for my clients to use at home.

Luxe Beauty Aesthetics for all your skin care needs.

Whatever your skin care needs, choose Luxe Beauty Aesthetics for your free professional consultation where we will discuss all options available to you specifically for your skin care complaints.

Keep an eye out on our blog for future posts where I will reveal tips, tricks, good skin care habits and so much more.

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you may have or topics you would like to discuss.

I look forward to reading your comments,

Kayleigh x

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